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    Production for Nonflammable Absorbers

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    ① Cut the non-woven cloth that has been examined qualified into fixed-size first, place them on a removable tray plate.

    ② Coat it with prepared inorganic white pulp material of the fixed amount, be sure of its uniformity and density.

    ③ Remove the plate coated with white pulp and the tray plate together, stack them neatly; leave them there for proper time for sufficient solidification reaction, drying and curing (no exposure to the sun).

    ④ Place the white plates on the flat and removable table plate; prepare the wave-absorbing coating according to the requirement of the wave-absorbing electric performance; coat the prepared white plates.

    ⑤ Stack them together after drying, ready for use.

    ⑥ Cut the base material with cutting plate into single pieces of the same size as the cutting plate based on needs; place them on the marking press mounted with cutting plate to cut them into single Taper sheets.

    ⑦ Fold the single Taper sheet, and paste it into a single cone. Be sure every cone has no degumming or opening phenomenon.

    ⑧ Select the corresponding mounting bracket according to the height of single cone, place the enclosing frame and inner support on the mounting bracket, stick the single cone, embed it with the inner core, drip drops of glue to fix the shape. Ensure the cones on a plane, without deformation.

    ⑨ Remove it from the mounting bracket after the glue drying and the cone shaped; spray it with pigmented coating; leave it in room temperature for drying; mount the frame base to complete assembling of the wave-absorbing unit block.

    ⑩ Make performance testing

    Testing of base material surface resistance

    Testing of tensile strength of the base material

    Testing of conductivity of the base material

    Testing of environmental protection performance of the material

    Testing of withstanding power of the material

    Testing of non-flammability of the material

    Testing of absorbing performance

    All the absorbers have gone through strict reflection performance test; record the test data and keep them in file, so as to facilitate restoration and analysis of the data in the future.

    (11) Pack the qualified products into box and store them in the warehouse.


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